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Have you ever felt uncomfortable at your local gym? Do you enjoy picking things up and setting them down again? Do you enjoy living vicariously through tiny glowing screens? If you answered yes to any of these questions, prepare to embark on a journey as you go from an everyday Joe to a ripped and shredded BRO in this puzzle based comedy adventure!

Explore the gym, solve puzzles and learn what it takes to get as swole as possible in an adventure filled with laughs, self realization...and most importantly...GAINZ!


Credits go to myself, Anderman112, Deanard, SirMayorMcCheese, and LemonGrab

V1.01 - Fixed an issue where failing minigames wouldn't let you continue the game.

Install instructions

Download the exe, left click it, and then select run!


Brodeo.exe 49 MB

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